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3 Tips For a Mosquito and Insect Free Property

When it comes to insect control, mosquito control, in particular, a lot of people seem to give up when it comes to preventing the bugs from encroaching on their properties and themselves. Although with no mosquito control plan (Integrated Management System) people are opening themselves up to vulnerabilities, there are still some actionable steps that can be taken if you want to improve not only the mosquito control on your property today but also for the future as well.

Tip 1: Remove Standing Water From The Property

-This is one of the most important steps that someone can take action on immediately to help improve the mosquito and insect control on their property. Mosquitos move through four stages in their life cycle: Egg, Larvae, Pupa, and Adult. However, a mosquito will not even have the chance to reach the later stages of its life if you remove as much standing water from your property as possible. In order for their life cycle to start, mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water. Mosquitos tend to lay anywhere between 100-200 eggs at a time and due to their microscopic size, it doesn’t take much standing water to start an infestation of mosquitos on your property. So as a best practice, doing a walkthrough of your property and making sure that all standing water is removed, is a great first step to making sure you have adequate mosquito control on your property.

Tip 2: Dress The Part

-Mosquitos (Female Mosquitos specifically) always need to “feed” in order to produce and lay their eggs. With a host being non-negotiable for the mosquito, it uses certain parameters to find a host including body heat, sweat, body odor, and the carbon dioxide humans emit to find its ideal candidate.

While most of these are natural processes that you cannot really control, there are some ways that you can become less attractive to mosquitos thus improving your insect control on your property. One of the easiest ways that you can do this is by watching the colors that you wear. Mosquitos tend to be drawn to the colors orange, red, and black after picking up the scent of carbon dioxide. They move towards these colors due to the longer wavelengths of these particular colors. By staying away from these, colors, you can naturally aid yourself in improving mosquito control on your property.

Tip 3: Keep Your Yard Kept

-This should come as no surprise but keeping your yard in proper order and regularly providing maintenance will make a drastic difference in the mosquito and tick control that you notice on your property. Mosquitos and Ticks, love tall grass as it allows them not only a place to find a host but also, taller grass tends to provide more shade and with that, it weakens the sun’s rays. This ultimately means that there are a lot more pockets for standing water on the property and thus more opportunities and real estate for mosquitos to lay their eggs. So, aside from just making your property look better and more well-maintained, you will also being doing yourself a favor by drastically improving the mosquito control on your property.

These are just a few ways that you can improve mosquito and tick control on your property today, to make sure that you’re enjoying your yard to the best of your ability.