Home Service Franchise Opportunities: 4 Reasons Why You Should Own A Mosquito and Tick Control Business

Home Service Franchise Opportunities: 4 Reasons Why You Should Own A Mosquito and Tick Control Business

You might be staring at social media late at night and come across an ad about owning your own business or how having a business can help supplement your income. You realize that you're getting your advice from influencers and decide to do your own research. You come across the concept of small business franchises and consider this a business option.

Yet why should you own a mosquito and tick control business over other business models or franchises? Or why should you even open up your own business?

Be your own boss

This is a given. When you open up a franchise opportunity, you're the boss. The sky's the limit, and you get to learn the ins and outs of a business. A Mosquito and Tick control business can be a lot simpler to run for those that are just starting out.

There's less of a hassle, such as no need to follow food and safety codes for a food establishment or to have to find and pay out the funds for a physical retail location. You can operate the business from anywhere, even your own home, to start, as there are no requirements to have that physical location in many cases.

Expand an existing business

You may already have a similar type of outdoor business. Possibly in the landscaping or construction business. That means you've already resolved the transportation issue with some heavy-duty vehicles. Having a mosquito and tick control business is more of a seasonal type of business.

Since it's cyclical, it can be an add-on service that you offer your clients and be able to do it professionally from day one. Diversifying your offering will only help increase your revenues. You'll be able to skyrocket those figures early on because you will already have some existing clientele to go for.

Minimal costs with full support

Many franchises can be quite expensive. We're talking anywhere from $100,000 to a cool half a million dollars. That could be the liquidity requirements and not tying in any additional non-liquid assets to the franchise, such as your home. Our franchise offering comes in well under $100,000 combined total, and that's with the franchise fee plus the initial investment to get the equipment set up.

There are no liquidity requirements from us, and there are also no capital requirements either. This is again partially because you don't need to find and build out a physical location. We also don't have those additional financial requirements because the initial costs cover everything from the get-go, with the setup fee, the equipment, marketing, as well as training, and support.

No need to go it alone

You may think to yourself that you've got the business savvy to set up your own business and can do the research yourself to get there. That's all well and good. Yet when you decide to work with us and become a franchisee, we work to get you set up and help you every step of the way. It's a learning experience on your end, with the end result leading you to make a profitable business.

We handle all the heavy lifting of setting up your system, providing the correct type of equipment to fight against mosquitos and ticks. We also do a big marketing drive through our network to help you grow and keep you expanding at your current and comfortable rate.

Why become a competitor on day one when you can be part of our ever-expanding network that comes with all the right support for success? When you're ready, feel free to reach out to us.