How Changing Weather Patterns Can Effect Mosquito Populations

No matter where you turn nowadays, it appears that everyone is talking about climate change. While the main focal point of this discussion is normally referencing the overall health of planet earth, it’s important to note some of the other side effects of an increased global temperature, specifically when it comes to mosquitos. A major side effect of a warmer climate is that it extends the mosquito season. The reason being is because mosquitos are unable to reproduce in extremely cold temperatures, so as the earth gets hotter then naturally the mosquito season would extend.

Another aspect that most would not think of is the actual range in which the mosquitos expand to. With a hotter core temperature, more areas are going to become warm enough to be able to harbor mosquitos, and thus their population is going to be developing in places previously uninhabitable to mosquitos. The question is, how can people prepare/mitigate this problem? For starters, it’s important to implement a system/strategy that can support properties for the long haul.

Something such as a misting system would be perfect to handle this problem, as it gives the resident/occupant full control over the system and they can act as their own personal mosquito control technician utilizing the system as often as they please. Another way to handle this issue is by going through a property assessment with a Your Mosquito Pros technician. Most homeowners can take steps to immediately reduce the mosquito activity at their property, however, they just don’t know-how.

With expert guidance, you’ll be able to learn how to better equip your home against mosquitos and start enjoying your outdoor space again.