Hybrid vs. Organic Solutions

Hybrid vs. Organic Solutions

There are many ways to get rid of mosquitos, but which one is the best for you? A hybrid mosquito spray combines both organic and chemical methods to eradicate these pests. However, an organic spray relies on natural ingredients to achieve the same goal. Which is better for your New Jersey home? Your Mosquito Pros can help you decide!

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Busy Yards

If you, your family, and your pets are constantly utilizing your yard, organic spray may be the better choice for your home. It uses essential oils and other natural ingredients to repel mosquitoes, making it safe for your family. Our Residential Services ensure that our spray will coat your yard in a protective barrier to keep it free of these pests.

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Busy Businesses

If your commercial establishment is plagued by mosquitoes, a hybrid mosquito spray may be the best option for your business. By combining our natural ingredients with a chemical additive, we created stronger and more weather-resistant mosquito repellent.

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Our organic solution only uses ingredients that are found in nature, so it has less of an impact when being sprayed. This can be the ideal solution for outdoor spaces that have gardens, are surrounded by crops, or back up to a forest or body of water.

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The addition of a chemical to the hybrid mosquito solution makes it longer lasting and more potent than the organic mosquito solution. We have noticed an 85-95% difference in mosquito activity with this effective spray.

It's time to reclaim your New Jersey yard from the annoyance of mosquitoes. Our experts at Your Mosquito Pros are here to help you find the pest control solution that best suits your needs. Whether that means installing a misting system to regularly spray your yard with our organic mosquito solution, or an annual visit from one of our experts to apply the hybrid solution. Learn more today!