Misting System Vs. Back Pack Sprayer — Which Is Better and Why?

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Misting System Vs. Back Pack Sprayer — Which Is Better and Why?

In the world of mosquito control, the question of how to get rid of mosquitoes was traditionally addressed by deploying a misting solution through a backpack sprayer. However, in more recent years, mosquito yard treatment and mosquito control as a whole have now introduced a more hands-off approach, that being mosquito control misting systems. With more options being introduced into the market of insect control, you may be wondering, which is the best option for me?

For starters, it’s important to discuss preference. Are you someone who would rather have control of your mosquito control applications so you could apply at your own preference, or would you rather just offload the task entirely to someone else? If you answered yes to the latter, it may make more sense to implement either a hybrid or organic insect control application via a backpack sprayer.

However, if you want full accessibility to your system and the ability to activate the mosquito control solution at your leisure, say before a birthday party or holiday event, then a mosquito misting system would probably be the more viable option.

Second, are you seeing your yard as an investment? Most people take pride in their property. You can see this by the vast landscapes, distinguished architecture, and specific iterations in many of the yards you come across. But what good is a beautiful landscape if your guests have a bad experience, i.e. mosquito infestations? With misting systems, you are initially paying more money upfront for implementation, rather than utilizing a simple backpack solution, but with the full accessibility the system provides and the continuous cost only being maintenance, this initial investment makes itself back quickly with proven results.

At the end of the day, both options work well for mosquito and tick control/remediation, and it’s more so a matter of how you prefer to address the issue. Luckily, with Your Mosquito Pros, we provide you with both options to support either preference.

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