Spotted Lanternfly, An Invasive Pest & How to Deal With Them

Spotted Lanternfly, An Invasive Pest & How to Deal With Them

Spotted lanternflies may look cute, but they are definitely a species that does not belong here. Native to Asia, they traveled here inadvertently via goods and have now begun to make an impact on crops on the East Coast.

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Spotted Lanternfly on a tree with its wings open

What Problems Do the Spotted Lanternfly Cause?

The spotted lanternfly can cause serious damage to trees, crops, vines, and other plants. They can cause holes in trees where sap will then ooze out, wilting leaves, and mold growth on trees. They are just bad news all around.

swarm of Spotted Lanternfly on a planter

How Do Spotted Lanternflies Affect Humans?

Spotted lanternflies are just unpleasant to be around. They don't bite or sting, and they don't carry any disease nor are they a threat to humans. That being said, they actually can ruin your outdoor living space, making it unpleasant to be in altogether. Hundreds can infest your backyard, as they will cover trees, swarm in the air, and the substances that they secrete coat every surface, including playground equipment and your patio furniture.

a couple of Spotted Lanternfly on a tree

How Do You Spot a Spotted Lanternfly?

Yes, indeed, spotted lanternflies have spots. They are about 1" long and ½" wide. They have a wing that is gray with black spots and wings that are black, red, and white. Their abdomen resembles a bumblebee with yellow and black bands. The immature spotted lanternflies have no red on their wings.

Spotted Lanternfly on a blade of grass

Signs of Spotted Lanternflies

Beyond seeing these pests, they lay huge clusters of eggs on trees and anything that offers protection, including car wheels and fence posts, that look like large masses. They definitely are noticeable as they protrude from trees awkwardly. If you spot egg masses, you should report it immediately, as there are areas in quarantine in order to stop the spread of this invasive species. You should scrape off the egg masses and be sure to either submerge them in rubbing alcohol or smash all of them. If you scrape them to the ground, they can still survive the winter.


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