What New Jerseyians Should Expect for the 2022 Mosquito Season

What New Jerseyians Should Expect for the 2022 Mosquito Season

In the past, mosquito seasons in New Jersey had reasonably rigid start and end dates (starting around May and ending around the beginning of October.) But over the past few years, precisely the last two, mosquito season has seemed to drag on longer than usual, thus extending the season for mosquito control companies. Despite how the past two years have gone, the question that needs to be answered is what should we expect for this coming season in New Jersey?

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For starters, it’s crucial to recognize why mosquito season has lasted longer than it has in recent years. An exceptional amount of rainfall is the primary driver for why we are noticing a more extended mosquito season. Not only that, but we also see an increase in the number of mosquitos. Mosquitos thrive and lay their eggs in standing water. So, in theory, if there is no standing water on or around the property, then the mosquito issue you’re facing(if at all) should not be a major one. With that, however, it’s nearly impossible to completely seclude yourself from all standing water, especially in a state like New Jersey, so your next best approach would be to at least minimize the amount of water that you have on your property. Some examples of areas and objects that could hold water are ponds, cups, glasses, bowls, and low levels of your property.

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In addition to increases in rainfall, another major contributor to the dragging out of mosquito season is the increased temperatures in the state. Last year, not only did we amass the third-highest amount of rainfall EVER in the state of New Jersey, but on top of that, it was also one of the hottest summers we have ever had on record. This is an especially dangerous cocktail when it comes to the mosquito population because you’re not only getting the environmental factors to increase the amount that are present during the season but you also have the weather which is further extending the season as well.

To summarize what this could all mean for the coming 2022 season, it presents the real possibility that with this past winter that we have had, we could see mosquito season run all the way into early/mid-November. Fortunately, Your Mosquito Pros is ready for the coming season and will provide our customers with the service and care needed to not only stop mosquitos in their tracks but also significantly cut their ability to breed and multiply throughout the area.

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